youtube monetized channels for sale

Ready to use monetized Youtube channels for sale (with 1000+ subscribers and 4000+ watch hours)

I process each order personally and I help you to transfer the channel to you.

  • Start earning with your videos today!
  • No need to wait to gain 1000 subscribers
  • No need to wait to gain 4000 watch hours
  • No need to wait for monetization approval

monetized youtube channels for sale

Fully activated channel including external links enabled

When you start a new channel, you have to double verify it to have external links enabled.

This is important, because only then you can put clickable external links (such as your website, affiliate offer etc) in the description of your videos.

All channels I supply are fully activated.

fully activated monetized channel for sale

How it works:

After your order, the delivery of the channel will be the transfer of ownership of the brand account (this is the actual google account that owns the channel) to a gmail account of your choice.

You will receive an invitation to become owner of the channel in your email.

accept ownership brand account youtube
This email is sent by Google (not me!)

After confirming the ownership, you can start to upload your videos right away and start earning from your videos.

If you can’t find this email in your inbox, check your spam/junk folder.

Terms and Conditions (MUST READ)

7 Day Primary Owner Rule

primary ownerOnly after 7 days you can be primary owner of the channel (and remove the previous primary owner), this is a restriction by Google.

Change of Adsense account

youtube partner program adsense account change
You need to change the adsense account in the channel to your adsense account.

If you don’t know how to do this, I will help you.

Existing videos on the channel
Do NOT delete the existing videos on the channel as these videos were used for the subs and watch hours. However, you can make them unlisted.

Monetized Channels with no earnings
Please note:
These channels are fresh (1-2 months old). They are monetized but have no earnings!

Rebranding of the channel
After the change of ownership, you can do whatever you want with the channel, rebrand the channel, logo, title, channel name, etc etc,

Guarantee (Warranty)
After successful transfer of primary ownership, the transaction is completed and my liability and guarantee ends.

Why? Because I don’t know what kind of standing your gmail account is, what type of videos you will upload etc.

I highly recommend you follow the youtube policies and guidelines to avoid strikes, suspension and demonetization of your channel.

Price and Delivery time

Price per channel:
$285 each.

Payment options:
– Stripe (Visa/Mastercard)
– Paypal

Usually 1-3 days (depending on demand)

How To Order

I process each order personally and help you transfer the channel to you.

To order, send me a message:

➡️ Contact me on Messenger (Facebook)

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